Welcome to Faith and Light in England, Scotland and Wales.
Faith and Light is a Christian association that includes people with learning disabilities or learning difficulties, their families and friends.

Faith and Light is made up of local Faith and Light communities. These are groups that meet regularly, usually every month, for these three things:
Most groups meet in churches. Faith and Light is ecumenical. Our communites are based in different churches - Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Church of Scotland and others.
Trustees of Faith & Light UK at the 2016 AGM in Eastleigh
Trustees of Faith & Light UK at the 2016 AGM in Eastleigh
L-R Sue Page (Chaplain of UK South Province), John Williams (Vice Provincial Coordinator, South West Region of UK South Province), Jane Robinson (Provincial Coordinator of UK North Province), Tony Wilkinson (Member of UK North Province), Jeb Blatherwick (Secretary to the Trustees), Liz Blatherwick (Trustee from UK North Province), Liz Neame (Chairperson of Trustees Committee, also Provincial Coordinator of UK South Province), Glen Edey (Vice Provincial Coordinator, South East Region of UK South Province), Angela Glover (Vice Provincial Coordinator, Welsh Region of UK South Province)
26th Jun 2016 3:00pm
St Benedict's Church, Garforth
Mass of anointing and picnic.
5th-10th Jul 2016
Warsaw, Poland
International Coordinators' meeting
22nd-23rd Jul 2016
UK North Provincial Council meeting
4th-7th Aug 2016
Summer Celebration, Northern Lights Province
13th-17th Aug 2016
Youth Village, Consett, Co. Durham
UK North Summer Celebration
16th-18th Sep 2016
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